About Legal

Metamechanics and it’s team of consultants can assist in the various forms of legal, code, and building review aspects for New York City Building Projects.

Services Include:

  • Legalizations –    Work performed without a permit that requires permitting and sign-offs for purpose of sale or resolving Building Department Violations.
  • ECB Violations-    Attend court hearings and provide necessary documentation and drawings to remove and resolve violations.
  • Code Consulting –    General code review, analysis, and feasibility studies.
  • Zoning Review –    Zoning studies for potential projects or conversions.
  • Public Assemblies –    Obtain Public Assembly Permits.
  • Inspections and Reports –    Inspect existing work to verify quality of construction and building code conformance.
  • Building Review –    Review proposals by other design professionals for quality control and code conformance on behalf of management companies and building ownership.


Location : New York, NY

Client : Homeowners, Landlords, and other Design Professionals

Team : Chris Teeter, R.A. and engineering consultants

Date : 2013-01-01

Status : ongoing