The Team

Christopher Teeter

Christopher Teeter is a licensed architect currently in Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. All architecture services are performed and offered under Christopher Teeter, R.A. for the respective listed states. Metamechanics is a state of being, an approach to the designed and built environment. Chris first envisioned the term while writing a…

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Svavar Kristjansson

Svavar’s work as lead designer is informed by his belief in strong conceptual design.  Every space should provoke a sense of emotion and experience.  Svavar was born and raised in Iceland, the influences of the raw and dramatic Icelandic landscapes are evident in Svavar’s earthy yet cutting edge design choices.  Svavar has been with Metamechanics…

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Philip Liu

Philip is a junior designer working in both commercial and residential projects by collaborating with clients to transform their needs into design solutions. Growing up in Taiwan, Philip is drawn into how western school of architecture is being adapted and repurposed in the context of Taiwan and therefore believed in the multi-disciplinary nature of design…

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