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About Alison Sky


Alison Sky is the co-founder and principal of SITE (1969-199), and author of ON SITE series of books including Unbuilt America.  Commissioned work produced with SITE is credited for expanding the range of possibilities for the integration of art, architecture, and public space.

Alison Sky drawings inspiration from nature and the theatre of life.  Her work combines sculpture, language, and context to create site-specific narratives.

Chris Teeter has performed various tasks for Alison over the years including CAD drawings, 3D modeling, and rendering, technical detailing, and consulting on fabrication and installation for various projects.


Selected Project List:

M.## — Vanishing View at Miramar Town Center, FL

CB.## – Castle Braid Mock-up, Brooklyn, NY

BP.## – Bronx Portal, NY

RBH.## – Red Brick House, Tonnelle, NJ Transit Station

FND.## – Fargo North Dakota Competition Entry  (Team: Alison Sky, Sean Arresmith, James Pereira, Chris Teeter)

H.## – Hudson Invited Competition Entry, NJ

DX.## – Dixie College Invited Competition Entry, Utah

Alison Sky

Location: Various Locations

Client: Alison Sky

Team: Alison Sky, Marty Chafkin, and Chris Teeter


Status: Built/Unbuilt

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