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Originally a church built in 1876, sitting on a bed rock of which its stone was used to build the structure, was converted to a single family home with a work/live focus. All original stone walls were left exposed in the majority of the structure, and the rock upon which the tower sits on was carved out to to create a natural bathroom setting. Timber beams were exposed in the lower floors, while it’s dramatic diagonal beams supporting the roof were highlighted via architectural accents. On the tower side, the entry under the church steeple was left intentionally open to visually connect all 4 floors with dramatic escher style vertical stairs and a spiral staircase.

Photos by Peter Dant

Church to Residence

Location: Main Street, Rifton, NY

Client:  Rony Zeidan

Team: Clients, MD construction – Miguel Olmedo, Metamechanics, Christopher Teeter, R.A.

Date: 2022.07.22

Status: Built

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