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About JayHawk Boulevard 1998


Chris Teeter’s sophomore project at the University of Kansas inspired by a Tandao Ando book floating around in the studio and proof at one point in his career he had to draft by hand. The 3D computer models were done in the first version of Rhino after Chris realized how tedious it was to create a simple model as shown using script-based software Pov-Ray. The computer generation of form in architecture has come full circle.

Pov-ray in the mid-’90s required a good understanding of solid geometry mathematics to make basic environments through writing code in a text file that was to be translated by a rendering engine. In 2006-2007 when Chris attended the University of Pennsylvania for his Masters in Architecture, algorithms and parametric were being introduced into the architecture design process, essentially coming full circle.

Jayhawk Boulevard

Location: Lawrence, KS

Client: Studio Professor Stephen Grabow

Team: Chris Teeter

Date: 1998-08-24

Status: unbuilt

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